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by MyTekControls

Title: Custom Blue H80 Lid (MacRorie's Personal Unit)

1088XEL: All of the old Atari in a modern package!

The 1088XEL by MyTekControls is NOT an emulated Atari, it contains original Atari LSI Chips (Sally, Antic, GTIA, Pokey, PIA) but with all modern connections like PS/2 keyboards, DVI/HDMI capability, Compact Flash Hard drives!? Yet, you still maintain access to ALL original Atari Disk Drives, printers and devices.? All of your cartridges will work!? Tape Drive?? Sure!


What is it?

The 1088XEL is a completely redesigned Atari 8-bit computer.

To quote myTekControls, the creator, it is a complete ground up redesign of the Atari 8-Bit Computer Motherboard still utilizing the standard Atari VLSI chips, but recreated in a Mini-ITX Form Factor (17 cm x 17 cm). The idea behind this project was to take several devices I had been working on (i.e., TK-II, MouseTari, and VGATE), along with the U1MB and UAV upgrades by Lotharek and AtariAge member Bryan, and integrate them into a cohesive package that would fit a plethora of readily available Mini-ITX enclosures.

Standard Equipment (NO CASE): Click for larger picture

Stock Video:           Composite & S-Video out

DOS:                          SpartaDOS X – 4.48

Firmware:                FJC’s Latest 1088XEL build

            Includes XL OS 1.3

            HI-Speed OS

            CF Plug in


            Atari BASIC rev. C

            Altirra BASIC

GOS:                          FJC’s latest Graphical Operating System Build

Keyboard:               PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse (not included)

Legacy SIO:             Standard 13 pin Atari NOS connector

RGB:                          Standard Atari (ST/STe)  13pin DIN connector (Requires Sophia rev. B or VBXE for operation)

Sound:                      Stereo Pokey 3.5mm audio plug

Power:                      Provided Power supply ONLY

SIO2PC:                    microUSB, Requires RespeQt (free download) or Atari Peripheral Emulator

Joysticks:                 2 available ports

Standard Case Equipment:

Realan H80 Click for larger picture

Custom Lid with Status indicators:  Click for larger picture

Custom Backplane (select one option)

Standard (No Joy, No CF, No DVI) Click for larger picture

Standard with Joysticks Click for larger picture

Solo CF Click for larger picture

Dual CF Backplane Click for larger picture

DVI+Dual CF (add $10) Click for larger picture

DVI+ CF (add $10) Click for larger picture

Mouse Select Panel

            Allows you to tell the Atari which joystick port to route the PS/2 mouse to

Cart Tunnel & strain relief


Options & Pricing

There are so many things you can put inside of a 1088XEL:

A Compact Flash HDD (or two!)

A Sophia DVI board (HDMI & DVI output)

A VBXE (RGB output)

A Rapidus (16 MHz 68016 Accelerator board)

S-Drive and so much more!




Questions?? Email me!?